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Distant Skies Mods ([personal profile] distantmakers) wrote2011-12-03 01:22 pm


Reserves are closed.

To reserve a character, fill in the following form:

• You can only reserve one character at a time.
• Reserves will last for one week.
• Multiple versions of the same character can be reserved at different canon points! If you don't specify a canon point, then you don't have any canon point reserved, which means that anyone else can reserve and/or app the same character from a canon point that you may wish to play from. The canon point won't be held for you if you didn't mention it, even if you reserved first.
• If you would like an extension, please comment before your reserve runs out. The character will then be held for another week. However, you can only request an extension once.
• When your reserve expires, the comment will be deleted. You won't be allowed to reserve again for a week, to give others the chance to reserve if they wish.